Middle School Rewards That Don’t Cost You a Penny!


Are you searching for a way to motivate your middle school students? Found a way to track positive behavior but not sure what to do now? Treasure box? No, that’s too elementary. Prizes? No, that’s too expensive. 

Reward coupons are the way to go! 

Your students will love the opportunity to be rewarded with things that matter to them. Plus, these free classroom rewards will cut down on the amount of money you need to spend on your classroom! Or, really, just allow you to spend it on other things because let’s be real, you’ll probably need more pencils or tissues soon!

Check out the reward coupon options I provide my students:

1. Choose your seat for the day

This is one of the most sought-after rewards in classrooms with seating charts. If you do not use seating charts, you can still use this reward; simply let students choose the type of seat they sit on. If you are REALLY flexible, you could even let your seat (at your desk or anywhere else in the room) be a choice. 
Flexible seating corner in classroom with arm chairs

2. Free assignment pass

My students LOVE this reward. It becomes especially popular close to the end of the grading period. Weird, right?! #procrastinatorsunite 

3. Assignment extension

This one can be really helpful for student-athletes. In my 7th grade classes, it’s often their first time trying to balance practice, games, AND school work. I’m thankful that my school supports students’ interests but still holds them accountable.

4. Extra credit points

I find it funny that the students who like extra credit the most, are usually the ones who don’t need it! Don’t tell anybody, but I was that kid! 🙋

5. Drop the lowest grade

Some teachers use this practice routinely, but if you don’t this can be a great reward. You may want/need to add some qualifying information to this reward; like it must be a daily grade, not a test or project grade.  Please make sure you abide by your district/building policies regarding grades.

6. Work in the hallway 

This is a reward because of the freedom. Middle school students love to feel free, like they have control, and that you are not watching their every-single-move!

7. Listen to music while working

This reward is easy if you are in a district/building with 1-1 devices or if you are a little more lenient with your cell phone policy. I do include a couple of qualifying statements with this reward – It can ONLY be used during independent work time and the student MUST have headphones.

8. Work with a friend

Who doesn’t like to work with their friends?! The social aspect of middle school life is central. Sure, this probably shouldn’t be redeemed on test day, but on daily work, why not?

9. Bring a snack to class

I have a snack DRAWER in my desk, so I am definitely not opposed to snacks in the classroom. I know some people worry about mess, if you are one of those people…add some guidelines to this reward.

10. Bring a drink to class

I would recommend that you tell your students that their drinks should have a screw-top lid. Less chance of spillage. 

11. Chew gum in class

Gum is precious commodity. I don’t know about your school, but at my school, if you are the kid with gum, you are the most popular! 

12. Eat lunch in the classroom 

This is something that often happens at the elementary level, but sometimes we forget that older students want to build those connections with adults too.

13. Wear a hat in class

At the middle school level, you may not have the authority to say that a student can wear a hat all day long, but the hat reward can be redeemed when that student is in your classroom.

14. Take off your shoes in class

I know some people find this gross but think about how you get comfy.  I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I do when I get home is slip off my shoes!

15. Free time

A free time reward can come in many formats to fit your classroom environment. Some free time rewards I have used include time to read a personal book, draw, play on technology, play board games, do puzzles, and just time to chat with friends (as long as it doesn’t interrupt the rest of the classroom.


You can purchase a set of ready-made reward cards from my Teachers Pay Teachers store – Here