5 Tips to Combat End of the Year Teacher Stress

But don’t worry! I’ve got some helpful tips up my sleeve that will make your end of the year journey a little less daunting!

1. Make an end of the year to-do list

Notebook for teacher to make a list to combat end of the year teacher stress

I know, it sounds simple, but hear me out! Making a list is a great way tackle that mountain of tasks! 

Not only will a list help you keep track of all the things you need to do before the end of the year, but when you check things off the list, you’ll feel like you have actually accomplished something!

Here’s another idea, when you have a bunch of similar tasks, try doing them in batches. Instead of jumping from one thing to another and back again, set aside a block of time to focus on those similar tasks. It’ll help keep you on track and hopefully stop your mind wandering. Although, if it does and you think of something else you need to do…just add it to your list!


2. Grade smart, not hard!

Unhappy teacher with lots of grading - needs tips on how to make the end of the year easier

We all know that end of the year tests or projects are important for us to assess what our students have learned and they may even be required by your district.  However, they don’t have to be stressful for you!

Try going digital! If you give multiple choice assessments, use a tool, like Google Forms, and let it do the grading for you! 

Or, if you are like me, and projects are more your speed, make sure you have a clear rubric. And if you’re ready to be super efficient, start grading while students are giving their presentations. 

One pagers are another easy to grade (with a rubric) assessment. Plus, they are fun and engaging for your students! Here are a selection of one-pagers that can easily be used as assessments.

3. Get some fresh air!

The weather is getting warmer (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), so take advantage of it! Getting outside for some fresh air and vitamin D can do wonders for your mood. 
And, guess what?! You can take your grading and to-do list with you! Multi-tasking like a pro!
Oh, and why not take your students outside too? They’ll love it!

Teacher working outside - Combatting end of the year teacher stress


4. Take Care of Yourself

Water bottle and tennis shoes - stay healthy to combat teacher stress

It’s always important to eat healthy and exercise, but during times of high stress, like the end of the year, it becomes more crucial.

Now, I get it…it can be tough! But, here are 3 simple tricks to make it a little easier –

  1. Keep a water bottle on your desk
  2. Have healthy snacks like nuts and dried berries handy
  3. Take brain breaks often


5. Reflect

Happy teacher - combatting end of the year stress by reflecting on the good things

You know those reflection activities and assignments we give our students? Yeah…we could probably benefit from them too!!
In the midst of the chaos at the end of the year, we often forget to reflect on our year, as the teacher. 
So, take a moment to think about your successes and failures in lessons and classroom management. These memories are fresher now than they will be in August when you sit down and try to map out your year.
Make a list. I know, I know…I’m talking about lists AGAIN but they really do help! Make a list of things that went well and things you want to change. You’ll be thankful for them in August!
And you know what? Looking back on all the things that went well this year will boost your spirits and help you feel good!! 


                 Hang in there! Summer is just around

                        the corner – You’ve got this!


Book, camera, coconut drink, sunglasses - Summer is almost here teachers!