Communicating With Parents Made Easy: 5 Tips For Using Email

Have you ever sat down at the end of the day, thinking about all the things that happened, and realized you NEED to reach out to a parent? Did that realization then fill you with dread?! 

We all know that communicating with parents is important, but finding the time and knowing how to do it effectively can be a challenge.

Do you call?  Email?  Use an app? Try to send a note home with the student? There are tons of choices when it comes to communicating with parents. You just have to find what works best for you. What are you most comfortable with?  Email has always been my first choice. 

Check out these customizable templates that make emailing parents a breeze!

female teacher stressed about parent communication

Why is it important communicating
with parents so important?


They really should teach a dedicated to class in this in college…that’s how important it is to communicate with parents. Here are the key benefits of communicating with parents, effectively…

  • Builds trust – Through regular communication, parents and teachers can develop a trusting relationship. Hearing from you about  the positive, as well as negative, aspects of their child’s day will help to build this trust.  
  • Strengthens supportive learning environment – Collaboration between parents and teachers strengthens the work the teacher is doing in the classroom to create a supportive learning environment. Click here for more on classroom environment
  • Allows issues to be addressed early – When parents are aware of issues, they can better support their student…and you! Plus, it shows you care enough about their child to want to help…which goes back to that trust thing!
  • Shares the value of education – When you share strategies to support students at home, it can positively impact the parents view on education. You can help them to see that learning isn’t just for the classroom and, again, that you care enough about their child to want them to be successful.

Communication really is a vital part of creating a positive classroom culture which, in turn, makes teaching and learning easier!

how can teachers effectively communicate with parents?


Ok, you get it…right? Communication with parents is important, but having an effective system that works for you is equally important! Find a system that works for you and you’ll contact parents more often. The more you communicate with parents, the better…as long as it’s not negative all the time! 

  • Find the method of communication that works best for you – If talking communicating with parents over the phone terrifies you, the chances of you doing it often enough to make an impact are slim. On the flip side, if you are comfortable typing out your thoughts, email or communication apps would probably work better.
  • Make a plan – Decide how frequently you will communicate with parents: Will you send weekly progress reports or bi-weekly updates on class assignments and projects? Of course, you’ll add in the “as needed” communication when the need arises. However, if you plan for only “as needed” communication, you may not be as effective.
  •  Set a schedule – What day(s) are going to be your days to really focus on communication? If you put in in your calendar, it’s more likely to actually get done! Remember to be flexible – those “as needed” contacts can’t be planned!  

My go-to method of parent communication has always been email. 

💚 It’s more convenient because it can often be sent during class and may be more convenient for the parent because they don’t have to try to take a phone call during the work day.  

💚You can take your time and craft the best responses. You won’t feel put on the spot, like in a phone conversation. 

💚It creates a paper-trail. I hate to say it, but sometimes we need to cover our backs. An email documents exactly what was communicated in case you need to refer back to it. 

Image provide 4 tips to manage parent communication. 1. Put it on your schedule 2. Be Proactive 3. Keep it Concise 4. Use Templates

Parent Communication templates for teachers


Say goodbye to time-consuming and stressful email drafting, and say hello to a smoother, more effective way of engaging with parents. Using templates is the perfect way to streamline your parent communication!

These email templates have been thoughtfully designed to address common experiences and concerns in the middle school classroom. With 20 ready-to-customize templates at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to step up your parent communication game.

Image shows a laptop screen with an email template for parent communication visible. The title reads "includes 20 ready-to-customize templates.

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female teacher stressed about parent communication
Image shows woman with laptop smiling. This could be you after using email templates to make parent communication easier